Across The Known World

11/16/08 - Ulver's Side Trek

The distant sound of thunder and the smell of ozone burned Ulver’s nose. As the armed individuals approached his hiding place he readied himself, while desperately attempting to release himself from his chains…

The 5 individuals who found Ulver were plane-jumping members of The Mercykillers. They had been sent to track down Pasha-Bathes-In-Blood and her brood, as she has stolen something of significant value from Sigil. Ulver was dragged through a portal to Sigil where members of the Mercykillers interrogated him; he did find himself attracted to and making an effort to get to know a barbarous woman from Athas; Azelitheb Man-Catcher. After 48 hours of interrogation by three of the five ‘seekers’ the leader, Davvon Falconsflight, determined that Ulver was not the Bathes-In-Blood they were seeking. They bid the ‘burk’ safe journey before returning him to where they found him to continue their search. Azelitheb warned Ulver to watch out of Sodkillers, kissed him on his cheek, and gave the ‘little wolf’ a non-descript key.

Ulver found himself back at the entrance to the lower levels of Rivenroar Keep.

11/16/08 - Omens & Portents…OR…There Will Be Blood…

As mid-morning finally broke Sequilum marveled at Drakon-Kor’s ability to lead the group not only back to the scene of the attack but all the way to Rivenroar Keep. Cicero was eager to see his new companions, hopefully in one piece. Bernadette thought she heard something just on the edge of the wood, some type of groaning, but Sequilum tugging her to the entrance of the dilapidated Keep broke her concentration. It took her mere moments to find the clues that Steev had left behind. She laughed inside at the thought that the large human thought himself stealthy. As the group made there way down into the lower levels they quickly happened upon what appeared to have been a bloody battle between unknown assailants and an unfortunate group of Red Hand soldiers. Sequilum recognized the cuts in the wall that Steev had left behind and within an hour the party was reunited. Phalen introduced himself, the tale of the Gnolls in the woods was told, and in turn Vanarr relayed the sad tale of Ulver’s madness. As the group debated about whether to go back and check on him, the Brindol Alchemist informed the group he was pretty sure he could show them where another prisoner, an elfin priestess was being held. At the behest of Phalen and Drakon-Kor the group decided to press on.

Ulver could smell it. He’d changed back, but he could smell it on him, the blood, his curse. As he finally, wearily reached for the key that Steev had left him and began freeing himself a boom echoed like distant thunder. As the air became heavy Ulver went flat to the ground in an attempt to hide. The wind drastically changed and a new smell overwhelmed him, the smell of lightening and exotic spice. He could hear heavy footfalls approaching being led by some type of four-legged animal. Ulver swallowed hard, readied a spell, and prepared to defend himself…

As the party headed back to the entrance point it was decided to go to the left this time. Another stairwell led them down; as they traversed the hallway they could see a poorly lit room in front of them. As they approached the room a hail of arrows erupted out of the dim light striking Drakon-Kor and Cicero who were leading from the front. Seeing two Goblins firing from an opposite hallway Cicero rushed through the room to an opposite corner in an attempt to gain cover and assess the situation. Slipping in behind him was a rush of five heavily armed Hobgoblin soldiers mauling into the group with one splintering off to pin Cicero in a corner. Once the party regrouped themselves Vanarr battled her way to the front to stand side by side with Drakon-Kor in a desperate attempt to fight their way out of the strategic bottle neck they found themselves in. Finally, Vanarr’s steel smote one of the soldiers while in the background Phalen’s spells pelted the goblin snipers, Bernadette’s shuriken and Sequilum’s arrows began to find homes in the body of their enemies. Cicero cut down his assailant with his halberd, and Drakon-Kor finished one of the soldiers with a devastating blow to the chest. Seeing they were being sufficiently routed the lead soldier struck Drakon-Kor and bounded across the room striking Cicero from behind while he was pelted with arrows in the front. Seeing an opportunity Bernadette took a small sprint across the room before stealth fully sliding the remainder of the way and brilliantly flipping a table to use as cover from the crossbow bolts that were being shot rapidly into the room. Phalen continued to launch spells across the breadth of the room into the adjacent corridor in attempt to fell the shooters. Sequilum charged ahead firing a quick shot into the back of the lead soldier felling him and then ducking next to Bernadette. Cicero eyed up the still firing Goblins with the might of Kord flowing through his veins, he bound ahead only to realize that the Goblins stood on the other side of a pit! Stopping his momentum at the last moment he instead let belch a breath of lightening, as is the gift from his Dragon ancestors that flew just wide of the now terrified Goblin attackers. Drakon-Kor, Vanarr, Steev, and Phalen all moved up just in time to see Sequilum and Bernadette finally kill the two Goblins. Drakon-Kor and Phalen checked the room lighting the torches on the wall, while Cicero and Vanarr tended each other’s wounds. Sequilum checked the room for ruins while going back to bring the Alchemist.

Bernadette informed Steev that she had lost some of her shurikens in the Goblins thick skulls who had fallen into the pit. As Drakon-Kor, Vanarr, & Phalen discussed whether to go forward over the pits or to go left Steev dropped a torch into the pit. He could see the bottom about twenty feet down. Remembering how Bernadette had went back and grabbed his axe from the burning Antler & Thistle he attached a rope and began lowering himself into the pit. Upon reaching the bottom of the pit, Steev noticed the torch was beginning to burn down, so he quickly lit another to illuminate his surroundings. As the acrid smell of smoke filled the air, Steev immediately felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up, as he was not alone.

Bernadette idly sat by the rope waiting for Steev to get her shurikens while Phalen continued to ask the group to consider his plan to go through the doors rather than try and traverse the pits. Sequlium returned with the Alchemist.

“It’s about freakin’ TIME!” A cracking voice of a female rang out through the chamber Steev stood in. Bernadette also heard the voice and immediately jumped to her feet. Steev whirled around scanning the room. The room’s floor was overgrown with fungus of varying sizes and shapes and across the room into another smaller room Steev could see an old crone in a glowing magic sphere, the only problem would be the two huge Rage Drakes that were now stalking him from across the room.

Steev took a deep breath and charged the one on the left attempting to avoid the larger mushroom clusters as he identified them as Doomspores. He struck true causing the massive red Drake to rear back in a roar and miss with its slavering maw in an attempted bite. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the other form bolting directly for him at break neck speed, rushing right through one of the mushroom clusters and the subsequent poison spore cloud. The second Drake leapt through the air mouth a gap and back claws leading in an attempt to eviscerate Steev.

Although he was able to dodge the majority of the weight of the beast it’s claws found their mark deep in his flesh. Steev howled in pain and barked to his allies above to come to his aid. Bernadette quickly lowered herself down, trying to visually acclimate herself to the new surrounding while listening to Steev relay the information. The entire time avoided the razor sharp talons and snapping teeth of both Rage Drakes now trying to pin him into a corner.

Vanarr could hear the shout and could see Bernadette follow Steev but had little idea of what she actually was facing as she attempted to slide down the rope with one hand, her fall was spectacular. With the commotion going on across the room the rest of the party began to grasp the severity of what was going on directly below them.

The second Drake turned quickly to glare at the two new targets trying to gather themselves. It charged through the Doomspores and leapt with claws gleaming in the torchlight. Vanarr was able to gather herself enough to take the brunt of the blow in Bernadette’s place. Above Cicero, Drakon-Kor, Phalen, & Sequilum raced to the pit and began making their way down. Sequilum quickly finding putting herself in the corner to fire away with her longbow at will as the remainder of the party surrounded the second Rage Drake. Steev finally dispatched the Drake in front of him with brutal efficiency. Finally, with a guttural roar the second beast fell beneath the combined might of the party.

As the group examined the room they eventually made their way to the crone in the magic sphere. Phalen made numerous unsuccessful attempts to penetrate the magic much to his and the old woman’s dismay. After observing her comrades struggle Sequilum noticed something vaguely familiar about the spell and quickly disarmed it with a wave of her sword and pinch of salt. The old woman was less than grateful.

After a short rest and Phalen prodded the group to continue back up to the main floor and pursue the door to the left he had lobbied so much for prior to Steev’s finding the old woman & the two Rage Drakes. The old crone informed the group that she knew that the Guard who had been captured was dead, but that she thought his son might still be alive somewhere in the compound. Eventually the group acquiesced and they trudged on. Through the doors they found a hallway that turned back north that led to an open room with a long energy field on it’s far end. As the group cautiously approached Phalen noticed a large undulated mass creeping across the smooth stone floor.

Thinking he had the “drop” on an unsuspecting enemy Phalen launched his ever-reliable magic missile across the divide between. The mass shuddered and a piece fell to the floor. The group looked on in horror as the small new mass sprouted larger and began to move on it’s own. The group made its way in attacking the slow moving masses finding that on three separate occasions their attacks only served to cause new smaller jellies to sprout from the larger mass. A give and take battle was rudely interrupted by two opportunistic Specters who harried the group and slowed their methodical, brutal battle. Once the dust cleared the party found itself victorious yet exhausted choosing to rest before continuing deeper into the ever more dangerous catacombs beneath Rivenroar Keep.

9/21/08 - The Road To Rivenroar…OR…No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…

Eoffram Troyas had called military ‘men’, mercenaries if you will, to Brindol. With the resurgent Red Hand decimating the city with terror attacks and the drums of war beating to the north Brindol, in Overlook, had found itself defenseless and the mercy of these hobgoblin raiders. Cicero Lycergus had come from the south seeking “shiny baubles”. His young hatchlings were pushing their mammoth father to acquire wealth and prestige enough for him to set up a keep of his own. The gigantic Dragonborn had long pledged his life to Kord, and had brought his word to the masses with his might. His spawn hadn’t ‘found’ Kord yet, in fact they were much more interested in material wealth. He worried that they might stray from ‘the path’, so to placate them he once again found himself marching off to some other land in pursuit of wealth to appease his daughters, Kord save them all…

On the road Cicero had met a fellow traveler and soldier for hire, Draken-Kor. While Cicero had hailed from the human dominated south, and had spent his life among them, Draken-Kor had just arrived from across a great inland sea to the east. The heavily armed warlord was much less boisterous than Cicero and seemed focused on the trip itself.

Draken-Kor didn’t need the half-elf or his city’s money. He needed the deed. With the implied shame upon his father, he had to reclaim his family’s honor. It had been almost 40 years since Balasar and a small contingent of his people’s best troops sojourned north to “The Shining City” of Crintesel. Balasar had answered the clarion call of both his king and of his former ally arch-magus Phineaus Has. His city was under siege by the foul followers and spawn of Orcus. Balasar and his allies never escaped what is now known as “The Sealed City”. In fact no one did, save one human acolyte. One lone member of The Knights of the Autumn Sword lived to tell the tale of the last days of Crintesel. Draken-Kor would hear this tale, restore his father’s honor, and build a name for himself greater than any of his clutch mates, then he would be able to take Kava’s hand in bonding.

The rabble had been even sparser and shiftier than the last lot that had “volunteered”, but after “The Burning Night” Eoffram would be forced to take what he could get. The two saving graces were the two Dragonborn that had arrived and the adventuring party that had slain so many invaders the night before. He awaited their arrival anxiously and prayed that they would prove themselves trustworthy.

The party arrived into the main council hall just before lunch to find Councilman Eoffram Troyas in conversation with two unknown Dragonborn. All were weary from the night before, but who could refuse the request of the ‘face of Brindol’? After pleasantries Eoffram offered the group & the Dragonborn the opportunity to be paid protectors of Brindol. The offer was quiet generous and was quickly accepted. He then proceeded to ask them some minor questions regarding their future plans in the city. The entire time Bernadette could not shake the feeling that they were being watched. In fact she felt the tingle of magic in the air. As the feeling continued to bother her, like an itch you cannot scratch, she simply blurted out her accusation to Councilman Troyas. A little surprised, but looking more disappointed he looked down quickly as the door opened and an elderly priest and four knights made their way into the room. The head knight introduced himself as Sir Taneth Bristol of the Order of the Silver Cross. Vanarr quickly explained that The Order was an arm of the Knights of the Autumn Sword, a much more religious sect. Drah quickly raised his hood as to obscure his face from view. Sir Bristol fixed his steely gaze upon adventurers as if testing their resolve. He then proceeded to inform that they had spoke truthfully, and dismissed the profusely sweating priest.

Sir Bristol paced back and forth before the assemblage of warriors before him, his four armed escorts eyes never left the companions weapons. Drah kept his eyes hidden beneath the veil of his hood. Vanarr began an attempt to explain herself to her superior within The Order, before she was curtly cut off. Sir Bristol gave a blistering account of his feelings toward the “taint blooded” brood before him, taking every opportunity to walk the line between veiled racial remark and out right antagonism. Finally, Steev intervened informing the Knights of the Order that he would brook no further insults to his companions. Bristol then begrudgingly came to his point, he wished to conscript the companions under Vanarr and the Knights of the Autumn Sword banner to make their way to Rivenroar, find the hostages, and return them along with the stolen trophies of the previous War of the Red Hand. He then expected the party to meet his retinue in nearby Overlook, claiming the “war drum beats strongest there”. The companions somewhat reluctantly agreed. Bristol and his cohorts took time to stop and refer to Drah as Ulver making him uneasy before taking their leave. Councilman Troyas apologized profusely after Sir Bristol left.

In the meantime Drah explained that his real name is Ulver. Being a cursed Half-Elf he had been pursued by members of The Order Of The Silver Cross. He’d had to slay two of them to avoid being hung. Now with the appearance of Sir Bristol, and his off-hand comment of referring to Drah as Ulver, Ulver knew the jig was up.

The group where then given time to eat and relax, Councilman Troyas then led them to a lone Hobgoblin who had been captured during “The Burning Night”. The guards let it be known that violence against the prisoner would not be tolerated, as he would stand trial for his crimes against the people of Brindol. Eventually, the Hobgoblin gave in giving a detailed direction to Rivenroar, along with that he let the adventurers know that The Red Hand had allied itself with some “Deaders” that were the true owners of the Keep. Twenty-four hours later the group began it’s journey.

The first day of the trip was uneventful, as was the first part of the night. In the middle of the night though the silence was broken. A massive Cave Bear waded directly into the camp half-starved and ready for battle. Initially the party was completely caught off guard and was on the defensive, but eventually their numbers wore the foe down. The brutal melee prowess of Vanaar, Sequilum, Drakon-Kor, & Steev battered away at the enraged beast. Magic literally poured from Ulver & Cicero used the power of Kord to batter the bear and keep his new cohorts upright. All the Bernadette slyly took advantage of every opening. In the end the Cave Bear was no match for the fire and steel of the group from Brindol. Silence again reigned in the woods.

The group knew that they were now less than a day out from Rivenroar Keep. The road began to narrow and become rougher as they entered into a ravine, a perfect spot for an ambush. The farther down the road the party meandered the less wildlife they noticed, not to mention the ever-increasing silence. Bernadette noticed what appeared to be an animal den of some type of the road, as they came fifteen feet from it four Kruthiks burst from beneath them. The chattering of their carapace along with the sharp snap of their mandibles brought the silence to a cacophony. The two adult Kruthiks ambushed the flanks of the group attempting to grab with their mandibles, while the two hive-lords mauled into the front and back of the group pinning the group between them. The battle was short and brutal. With the help of the two new Dragonborn companions the sword might of the group had vastly improved, much to the chagrin of the Kruthiks, before to long all four beasts had been slain, and the party stood relatively unharmed.

As the group gathered themselves, arrow shots rang out from above, and the gleeful cackling of Gnolls penetrated the silence. Bernadette, Drakon-kor, Cicero, & Sequilum mounted a counter-offensive, as the rest of the companions recovered and began to explore the area.

10/26/08 Beneath Rivenroar Keep…OR…Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner…

As the slightly hobbled Vanarr, Ulver, & Steev recovered they thought they heard a faint cry for help. As they made their way over to one of the burrow holes, they saw that it lead down into the Kruthik nest. Eventually, Steev lowered himself in, and to his surprise among the refuse and bones found a very injured Eladrin. After helping him, and themselves, recover from their wounds the thankful Eladrin introduced himself as Phalen. Ingratiated to the group for saving him from being slowly devoured he decided to accompany them. A wizard by trade Phalen had come this way with a young adventuring party out for glory, instead they had been ambushed by Gnolls and left to be devoured by the Kruthiks. Phalen alone had survived his wounds and the Kruthiks. He didn’t know if any of his party that had been taken by the Gnolls still yet lived. Ulver could feel his blood boil at the thought of what the Gnolls would do to their captives. He argued that the group should try and catch up with their cohorts that pursued their Gnoll harassers, but was reminded by Vanarr and Steev that they had a job to do, and set off to Rivenroar.

The farther into the rough scrub brush Sequilum led Drakon-Kor, Cicero, & Bernadette in pursuit of the Gnoll snipers the more she began to regret her decision. What if it was a “divide & conquer” strategy, a trap, or goddess forgive a lone sniper who they just happened to run across? As the minutes turned into hours, and the brush and hills turned into forest the companions came to a clearing with a fire still smoldering. A crude alter had been constructed and on it laid what appeared to be the remains of a Halfling and a human, both had been butchered. Drakon-Kor helped Cicero pull the remains off the black alter, bury them, and let Cicero perform Kord’s last rights upon them. Sequilum and Bernadette ransacked the remains of the encampment, finding little of importance, as the Gnolls had left little evidence of their overall plan or even numbers. Drakon-Kor saw the slump in Sequilum’s shoulders as Bernadette let her know that there was just no trail, no trace to follow. Drakon-Kor had never faced Gnolls in battle, he only knew of them through tales he’d heard from other adventurers. Gazing upon the wanton slaughter he could feel his hand tighten around the hilt of his sword, these beasts would prove worthy, worthy of death at his hands.

As Cicero finished, evening finally fell in the forest. The companions decided to rest for the night before attempting to catch up with their compatriots at Rivenroar. As they bedded down Bernadette couldn’t help but feel that she could hear the Gnolls out there among the trees, laughing at them. Laughing through blood stained teeth.

By the time Ulver, Steev, Vanarr, & their new companion Phalen reached the demolished doors of Rivenroar Keep the suns were beginning to set. Steev stalked through the remains of the keep as Vanaar & Phalen studied the map that Councilman Troyas had provided them. Eventually, Ulver found the entrance into the bowels of the Keep and the adventurers readied themselves for bloodshed.

The first set of stairs led them down to what looked to be an empty room with two enormous lit braziers in the back corners. As they group made their way down they heard the guttural grunts of Goblinoids, and battle was joined. The two Hobgoblin warriors drew steel but were no match for Vanarr & Steev. Phalen found himself very interested in his new companion Ulver as the half-elf freed magic fire from his fingers that both scorched the hobgoblin archer’s skin and minds leaving them dying, quivering masses. As quickly as the hobgoblins had appeared they were just as quickly dispatched by the companions.

The group then made their way through another set of stairs and hallways. Eventually, the came to a room where the majority of the room’s floor was covered in ruins that periodically would glow a sickly blue. As the party came to the entrance they noticed a haunting beating of wings in the corner rafters of the room. Ulver and Vanarr lit their sunrods and the party was beset upon by two swarms of needle Fang Drakes. The pigeon sized aggressors nipped and clawed at the group as they tried to regain their composure. Slowly Steev & Vanarr took point and began trying to wade through the annoying onslaught, but were attempting to refrain from stepping upon the ruins. As Phalen and Ulver entered a small humanoid materialized and slipped a knife right into Ulver’s side before phasing out from view again. The last of the Drakes finally fell, and the group placed itself on heavy alert. The Gnome skulk appeared again attacking from a distance with a hand crossbow. Vanarr sprinted across the room to attack just missing as it again dissipated before her very eyes. As Steev flanked the two spell slingers, Ulver stepped directly upon one of the ruined floor tiles a large bolt of power surged upward and through him sending him sprawling. Phalen and Steev tried to get to him while alternatively keeping their eyes peeled for their invisible stalker. In a blink the gnome appeared in front of Vanarr who unleashed a devastating attack upon it, hobbling it. The gnome returned the attack with vicious precision. The clang of steel was interrupted by a horrid cackle. All parties involved stopped to see one of the dropped sunrods roll across the floor to the corner where Ulver had landed in a heap. The laugh seemed to erupt from him in a convulsion; uncontrolled, pained, and vile as if he was vomiting a black laughter. Ulver’s features begin to rapidly change, become more canine like as the laughter went from a din to a roar. Vanarr ignored her Gnome opponent in an attempt to reach her ally only to be attacked again by her opportunistic gnome assailant. Steev and Phalen looked on in horror and disgust as the man they knew transformed before their vary eyes into a hyena like beast. The last vestiges of Ulver’s humanity screaming from his eyes as his mouth slavered for blood. Leaping he lashed out with ever growing claws at Steev missing, but hitting Phalen. Quickly, Steev gathered the shackles that Ulver had entrusted him with and attempted to subdue the beast. Vanarr feeling the desperation of the situation growing dire finally gave the gnome all of her “attention” rendering the attacker in twain in a bloody mist. Phalen attempted to help Steev restrain Ulver without becoming the focus of his unbridled rage. With the arrival of Vanarr the three companions where finally able to subdue Ulver. Vanarr’s devotion to Avandra allowed her to lay healing hands upon her maddened ally while Steev and Phalen attempted to heal his wounds as he began to transform back into his familiar form. Feeling exposed the group dragged the bound and exhausted Ulver into the next room where the discovered a prisoner. The town Alchemist bound in the corner. After gathering information from him and nourishing him it was time to discuss the next step. It was decided that Steev would take Ulver back out of the keep, half-bound, find a spot for him to hide, and then return.

As Steev carried Ulver out the exhausted Half-elf breathed shallowly still racked with pain from his transformation. Steev took a badly damaged large wagon and dragged it to the edge of the woods creating a makeshift shack. Using his knowledge of the flora and fauna Steev then crafted a crude façade around the bivouac. Securing Ulver into the hide place Steev left the key letting Ulver know to follow once he had significantly recovered. Upon Steev’s return the group decided to rest for the night, they barred the door to the room, and tried to sleep despite the rustling of things better left unseen from within the bowels of the catacombs.

8/8/08 - Rescue At Rivenroar Keep

Our story so far:

On his quest to find and root out the cults and followers of Yeenghu wherever they may reside, Drah found himself at a table in the Antler & Thistle pub in the city of Brindol. There he studied the sparsely populated bar and it’s patrons. His eyes shifted like a caged predator from farmer to local to drunk to the other travelers who sat in silence sipping the swill the barmaid had brought them, like a lion at the waterhole eyes zebra. The drink was bad, but Brindol had proved a quiet reprieve from the weather, the broken roads, and lost leads of the wilderness.

From the corner of the room the Sequilum gazed longingly into her glass of fine elven wine. Was it all worth it? Weary from her long journey, as vengeance can be exhausting, she had paused in Brindol with the hopes of finding something, anything of importance. Her path of bloody revenge had led her to the Elsir Vale in the hopes of catching a roving band of murderous gnolls. If she lost their trail here, she may never be able to find them again. She was sure these were the people responsible for the deaths of her family; she could feel it in her blood.

Vanarr Turrngar had come to Brindol seeking fortune, glory, and the defense of those weaker than herself, which according to her would be almost everyone. Denied full membership into the Knights of the Autumn Sword, she has decided to make a name for herself by her will and swordplay alone. She had dispatched two gnoll scouts three nights ago just outside Brindol, she could smell the stench of her hated enemies, the followers of Yeenghu, in this area and she means to eliminate it. On her father’s grave they would pay…

For the life of her she couldn’t understand just why Kaf & Graal had sent her to Brindol. Sure she’d been in a bit of trouble back home, but it was just a bit. Nothing she couldn’t handle by hook or by crook. Sure she’d ran from the constables, but they meant to put her in the stocks, and all she’d done was taken that shiny bauble from that loudmouthed Elf. It was so shiny, so very, very shiny. What if it wasn’t hers, so what, it should have been. If Kaf had taught her anything, it was that life is short, time is long, and in this life you have to take what you want. Just looking around this dive Bernadette could see literally hundreds of opportunities to separate rubes from their rubies. She’d cut those purse strings and save Kaf’s bar yet.

As the patrons of the Antler & Thistle sat sipping their drinks and keeping to themselves a tall, chiseled, and oiled traveler made his way confidently into the establishment. After taking a quick stock of the room and its inhabitants Steev loudly and simply stated, “I am in search of strong steel, which among you can provide me that?” His inquiry was met with overwhelming silence. The sheer presence of this man of flora and fauna eventually caused one of the local bar patrons to speak up and offer that there were a few blacksmiths in Brindol, and all would in fact accept whatever Steev had in trade for their steel. Steev mentioned in his terse conversation that his woods had been the sight of an incursion by “the darkness” of late and he was of a mind to “bring them light, the Light of Steel.”

Upon overhearing the surprisingly eloquent “savage” speak of incursions by hostile humanoids Drah found his curiosity peeked. The bar patron relayed the short history of the city of Brindol’s epic battle with the horde of the Red Hand just over one hundred years ago. The forces of the Red Hand had ran roughshod over the villages, towns, and cities of the Elsir Vale before happening upon the walls of Brindol, a sixty days of siege ensued. The forces of Brindol finally withstood the onslaught and retaliated in kind, scattering the remnants of the horde to the four winds.

After that brief discussion Steev relayed that both gnolls and goblinoids had recently been on the move in the area he calls home. This caught the attention of the battle hungry Vanarr & the bloodthirsty Sequilum. The both watched eagerly as the battle hardened human discussed grimly his plans with the shifty looking half-elf. All the while Bernadette couldn’t help but notice the shiny axe that Steev held, it could catch a hefty price if she could but get him to “part with it”.

Finally hearing enough of the boasts of men, both Sequilum, her heart racing with the idea of revenge, and Bernadette, eager for ill-gotten gains, joined in the conversation. Steev felt a grim smile form at the corners of his weather beaten face, these weren’t quiet the “steel” he had expected to find, but they were “steel” nonetheless. After finishing her last ale Vanarr marched over to the table and began to pledge her own arms to the glorious battle they were sure to find when there was an ear shattering crash.

The door exploded under the brute force of a troop of hobgoblin soldiers who burst into the room screaming in a growling common, “FOR THE GLORY OF THE RED HAND!” The blood that caked their drawn blades as they charged the newly formed companions dulled the glint of the fire. The stunned champions struggled mightily to land a blow early on, but once they did heads rolled. Steev routed the hobgoblins with his sword and axe, while Sequilum attempted to first pepper them with her longbow before moving in with her long sword. Drah attempted to find some safety from which to cast his wares amid the hulking fighters he now called companions in a simultaneously desperate effort to avoid the spilling of his own precious blood. Bernadette skulked behind the oncoming monsters hoping to cut short their cries of victory. The first wave of attackers slowly, but steadily fell under the blades of the companions. The only casualty being Steev losing his grip on his axe due to the blood and gore from the hobgoblin he’d just twain in two, his axe flew from his steely grip and embedded in the head of one of the local farmers killing him instantly. As the battle continued to rage, more hobgoblins crashed into the bar, while two goblins snuck through the darkness setting small fires as their larger cousins fell beneath the blades of the heroes.

Then suddenly Sequilum felt the heat of the sun on her legs, as she fended off another assault she glanced down only to find herself set ablaze! The sneaky goblin had actually set her on fire. She gritted her teeth and fought on. Blood began to flow freely on both sides as the hobgoblins finally began making head way against the road weary travelers. A biting pain hit Steev in his groin as another of the pyromaniac goblins had tattered loincloth ablaze. Simultaneously. Vanarr’s holy robe also caught fire. Drah used his mastery of all manner of dark power to fling eldritch fire at his enemies, while also destroying their minds. Bernadette’s daggers began to find the pock marked flesh of her enemies with alarming frequency, while she began to notice that the Antler & Thistle was becoming a raging inferno. Sequilum dispatched her enemy and charged towards the bar eyeing the water trough behind it as a way to stop the fire from continuing to blister her skin. As she doused the flames that were beginning to engulf her, her erstwhile allies saw her ambitious plan and followed suit, first Steev, drunk with bloodlust attempted to hurdle the burning bar, catching his foot and tumbling roughly into the kitchen area. Vanarr & Bernadette more cautiously followed suit finally relieving themselves of the oil and flame they had been hit with. As the companions came back over the bar, they saw only one single goblin remaining, backing his way towards the back entrance. The building slowly disintegrating into flame, Steev rushed the stonewall, slamming through it and creating a new escape path, while simultaneously causing the goblin’s only exit to be covered in debris. Bernadette saw the shiny axe sticking from the brow of the dead farmer, and grabbed it quickly before join the rest of the party as they rushed out of the burning pub, the goblin quickly behind them. Both the heroes and the goblin stumbled into the streets of Brindol only to see it set ablaze, locals screaming and running in an attempt to flee.

Sequilum glanced to her right in exhaustion only to notice the lone goblin, hands on knees, doing the same. She and Steev quickly cut him down. As the party tried to reorganize and process the insanity around them, a great flood of villagers ran past in desperation, followed by a bloodcurdling roar, “WHHHAAAUUUUGGGHHHHH!” Around the corner of the block a cart came into view pulled by a mammoth ogre. On the cart, loaded with casks of oil, stood to marksmen hobgoblins. The group stood bewildered as the ogre launched a cask of lit oil in their general direction. The explosion left all of the companions covering their faces to shield their eyes from the heat, unsure how to proceed, the heroes began a strategic withdrawal while peppering the invaders with arrows. Drah, seeing an opening, fired off a blast of eldritch fire, accidentally igniting the cart in a firestorm, Steev & Drah were blown back by the force. As they tried to regain their feet, and the rest of the compatriots attempted to formulate a plan and form ranks, they could see the ogre and hobgoblin working to get free of the burning cart. The ogre finally broke free and made a mad dash toward the newly steeled adventurers. Sequilum, Drah, & Steev all penetrated the thick hide of the charging beast with arrows as he roared. His mouth agape as he towered over Steev, until Bernadette skillfully launched a shuriken directly into the back of the mouth of the ogre. The bitter swallow of blood was his last. With a ground shaking thump the beast fell.

The whole time the remaining hobgoblin warriors had attempted to flank the occupied heroes. Upon seeing the ogre finally fall Vanarr charged directly at the oncoming soldiers. The rest of the party turned their eyes toward their new enemies and riddled them with arrows. As the first archer fell, the second fell to his knees and begged Vanarr for mercy. In all her travels, never had Vanarr questioned her loyalty to her god, her knighthood, or her code until that moment, but she relented, her oath more important than the life of some hobgoblin soldier. Sequilum has no such oath. She cut the beggar down where he kneeled. The party stood in silence finally seeing the scope of the damage in Brindol. Bernadette reluctantly returned the shiny, shiny axe to Steev.

The rest of the night the party helped the locals put out fires and resecure the walls. In the morning they were given free lodgings in a local inn. At the moment of midday a runner from Brindol councilman Eoffram Troyas summoned the adventures. Apparently the heroic efforts of the adventures had caught the eye of the political powers that be in Brindol, and a audience had been demanded. That and the soldiers of Brindol had captured a prisoner. Maybe he, or it, held the secrets to this new Red Hand…

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