Across The Known World

11/16/08 - Ulver's Side Trek

The distant sound of thunder and the smell of ozone burned Ulver’s nose. As the armed individuals approached his hiding place he readied himself, while desperately attempting to release himself from his chains…

The 5 individuals who found Ulver were plane-jumping members of The Mercykillers. They had been sent to track down Pasha-Bathes-In-Blood and her brood, as she has stolen something of significant value from Sigil. Ulver was dragged through a portal to Sigil where members of the Mercykillers interrogated him; he did find himself attracted to and making an effort to get to know a barbarous woman from Athas; Azelitheb Man-Catcher. After 48 hours of interrogation by three of the five ‘seekers’ the leader, Davvon Falconsflight, determined that Ulver was not the Bathes-In-Blood they were seeking. They bid the ‘burk’ safe journey before returning him to where they found him to continue their search. Azelitheb warned Ulver to watch out of Sodkillers, kissed him on his cheek, and gave the ‘little wolf’ a non-descript key.

Ulver found himself back at the entrance to the lower levels of Rivenroar Keep.



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